About Medsec 4 U

Who are we?

We care about safe and secure workplaces, making you feel safe on the road or in your home.
We have extensive knowledge of wellness and emergency care in the event of an accident.

MedSec4U AB is led by Pia Thevselius, who together with a team of experienced experts offers comprehensive health and safety services. Pia is a dietician, educated at Bosöns Idrottshögskola by Fredrik Paulun, she is a trained Project Manager and crisis management trained at Södertörn University, has extensive experience from the judiciary with, among other things, personal protection work, complex and sensitive criminal investigations with international links and has worked in high-risk countries. She holds an MSc in Criminology and Leadership from Cambridge University and has studied "Counter Terrorism and homeland security" at Maryland University.

Training in pre-hospital emergency care TCCC(Tactical Combat Casualty Care)